CEOs & CMOs’ Social & Digital Wake Up Call. The Snooze Button Is Close Though.

Abe Kasbo
2 min readSep 24, 2021

It’s 2021 and CMOs are still pounding the table on social media like it’s 2006. They pursue it with the same vigor and seriousness as other marketing channels even though data…yes…data say otherwise. Agencies shower them with vanity analytics glorified monthly reports and swiftly point to dashboards which flash numbers in cool primary colors that produce just enough dopamine in exchange for thousands, or hundreds of thousands and in many cases millions of dollars.

Never mind study after study has shown that bot traffic continues to uncontrollably exceed human traffic on the web. But hey SEO!

Here’s the latest from Barracuda.

Never mind Facebook’s engagement rate in 2021 so far is .08% according to RivalIQs latest study. An impressive Point Oh Eight Percent! Yet investment in these platforms continues unabated.

The credibility gap between the agencies who are partners with Big Tech and businesses of all sizes should be widening not shrinking.

Social media is indeed a tool for business but it also represents a substantial tax if not managed strategically. I wrote about this last year.

It’s not just social media that needs examining, it’s the entire digital enterprise! How is your digital enterprise truly serving your business interests? How’s it serving your marketing responsibly? How is it serving your clients to reinforce your brand?

CMOs need to hold their agencies more accountable for advice. And agencies need to get real with their clients.

Enough with the marketing jargon, let’s pay attention to this stuff and get down to business.



Abe Kasbo

CEO, Verasoni. Immediate Past-Chair, Advisory Board of Seton Hall University Center For Innovation & Entrepreneurial Studies.